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In this configuration 2 cameras are connected to a Black-Magic Design ATEM Television Studio Switcher.The switcher is very compact and affordable with a list price of only $1000.Gregg founded the organization in 2010:broadcast all kinds of events to specific target audiences.The availability of low-cost broadcast equipment and online streaming services has opened the door to practically any organization wishing to produce live content.Let’s start by specifying the design requirements for this one-man webcast system. These days it is easy to acquire affordable cameras that shoot at 1080i and output either an HDMI or HD-SDI signal.



When you need to take your attention off of the close up, say to make audio adjustments it is best to go to a wider shot until you can resume full attention to the camera work.The HDMI program out is routed to a Matrox O2 Mini external video capture device connected to a second laptop which acts as the encoder.



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