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My father passed away in 1975 in New South Wales, Australia. His fathers name is Charles Arthur Hodgson, from Leeds, who married Eva Adelaide Surtees from Lanchester.My Father had also been married prior to my mother, to Shirley Ann Brown, from Leichhardt, NSW Australia. Barnard Hodgson and Sarah Gedling had a son John who married Elizabeth Varty.I think that there may be a link with The Surtees family, mentioned at the end of the diary.There is speculation that his father may have been a sugar refiner, but I can find no solid evidence for this.I have the death cert, of James Hodgson brickmaker b 1873 c. I have been unable to trace him successfully in 18 censuses.I have details of Jamess children from Preston graveyard.



Since posting my query on the Hodgson Clan website Ive been contacted by two individuals that share my Hodgson ancestors.He married Norah Olive Evelyn Eve (unsure of the spelling of her name) while in New Zealand, and had four children there, including my mother. He allegedly had a small factory in Knottingley, and travelled to China to teach them to 'blow glass'.He was born in Horton, his father Squire Hodgson, a butcher, born in [email protected] great-great-grandfather John Wilson Barthell married Luella Louise Hodgson.


Her father was Robert Hodgson born in 1828 in Yorkshire, England. I understand his Father was probably Thomas Hodgson.

This is after years of trying unsuccessfully to make any contact.


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