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I hadn't been on MSN or that website since the first time I was there, and I had no intentions of doing so either, but I decided it was for the best not to let Rhys know, considering all the shit I had given him about his porn.When I had a moment alone I planned to log on and delete both Tommy and my website account.The thought started to excite me, even alone I would think about the endless possibilities.Sometimes my husband would grab me unexpectedly and start tearing my clothes off as he went off on one of his fantasies.I have to admit as we discussed that night in great detail I became extremely aroused.I felt myself getting wet as he talked about how the sales guy removed my dress, touched me and then fucked me.I was so relieved when my pregnancy and STI tests came back negative. But for my husband he just thought we could get on with swinging.


To have sex with other men for my husband's pleasure, for our pleasure.

The tone of his voice, the touch of his hands, his words, oh his words would hit me straight between the legs and I couldn't help but want what he was saying.


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