Consolidating superannuation funds

Consolidating your super is not just about saving money in fees, it’s also about giving your super the potential to really grow.With the power of compounding returns, the money you save in fees could help grow your super balance.We’ll let you know via email and send a confirmation letter once we've received the funds.We encourage you to compare Sunsuper with your other fund(s).You may be eligible to transfer insurance cover you may have with your other fund(s) to Sunsuper.To transfer your existing cover, please complete and return the Transfer of insurance cover form [PDF88KB].There are new rules designed to keep super safe from money laundering and terrorism-financing for all Australians.This means proof of identity is required to move money around the super system.

Many of us do, but did you know that having multiple accounts means you're most likely paying multiple sets of fees and potentially earning less interest?

Firstly, although BT super funds generally don’t charge exit fees*, some super funds do.


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