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They share the same father, Dan Scott, and even more tension as Lucas joins the Ravens varsity basketball team, on which Nathan was the star player.

Nathan believes Lucas is intentionally doing this to take everything Nathan has from him: basketball and his girlfriend, Peyton.

Later learning about Lucas' best friend Haley James, Nathan decides to use Haley to anger his brother, but eventually ends up falling in love and marrying her. Lucas had initially thought of Nathan as a jerk, partly due to the fact that he hadn't been accepted by the Ravens due to Nathan trying to sabotage him as a player.

He is soon faced with challenge as Lucas, his biological half-brother (via Dan and Karen) joins his high school basketball team, The Tree Hill Ravens, and threatens to steal his spot as shooting guard.

Sadly, he collapses on the court and is sent to the hospital.

Dan does not accept the fact his son took drugs to up his game because of the pressure he himself had put on Nathan, and Deb realizes the jerk her husband really is.

Unfortunately for the couple, there is always drama.

Nathan has a difficult relationship with his immediate family, too.


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