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Having become accustomed to regular soap use, soldiers returning from battle brought their new, clean habits home.

The rise in soap use also coincided with the development of mass marketing.

Today I found out that for something that’s supposed to be clean and pure, soap has a murky past.

No one knows for sure when soap was first invented, although it appears to have been around since the dawn of civilization.

Similar recipes for soap made from alkaline salts mixed with oils have been found on Egyptian papyri dating as far back as the New Kingdom (circa 1500 B. Although there is no proof of it, an old Roman wives’ tale holds that women who lived near Mount Sapo discovered soap when rain washed a combination of wood ashes and animal fat into the clay soil by the Tiber River where they were doing laundry.

The famous Roman natural historian, Pliny, disputed this claim and credited soap’s invention to the Gallic and Germanic tribes the Romans encountered during their conquests.

According to research published in the journal, Applied and Environmental Microbiology, dispensers, and presumably soap bars, are “prone to bacterial contamination.” The study, which measured the amount of bacteria on people’s hands before and after washing with liquid soap from refillable dispensers, revealed that the elementary students and staff studied had more bacteria on their hands after washing with soap from the dispenser.

The Hebrew words translated in the Douay Version of the Bible by "desert" or "wilderness", and usually rendered by the Vulgate desertum , "solitude", or occasionally eremus , have not the same shade of meaning as the English word desert.

For example, the Crusaders developed a taste for soap and brought the recipe to make Aleppo soap from olive oil back to Europe from the Middle East; as a result, soap making flourished in Spain during the 11th and 12th centuries, where Spanish Muslims made Castile soap.It is from the root dabar , "to lead" (cattle to pasture) [cf. Hence midbar among its other meanings has that of tracts of pasturage for flocks.So Joel, ii, 22: "The beautiful places of the wilderness are sprung", or literally: "The pastures of the wilderness shoot forth".In fact, in 2011 Americans spent more on liquid soap than bar soap, and experts predict that hand sanitizer sales may exceed 0 million by 2015.

So this begs the question, which soap should I use? The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has approved hand sanitizer for health care workers as a good alternative to soap and water; however, this recommendation is not necessarily good advice for the general public.

Lastly, the dried, plain soap is mixed with fragrance, color and other additives, and then extruded into bars.


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