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Instead of getting lucky, the callers got one of three detectives with the Monroe County District Attorney’s Office running a unique prostitution sting called “Jamming for Johns.”Unlike the typical sex sting, this one operated as a public awareness campaign.Instead of getting arrested, the men, about 120 in a little more than eight hours, got a stern warning that not only is paying for sex a crime, it also fuels sex trafficking and the opioid crisis.“This isn’t going to be tolerated in Monroe County,” detective Kim Lippincott said.

When the phone rang, she passed the phone numbers of incoming callers to detective Brian Webbe to run through a database to determine the caller’s identity.'In the video, one can see Cardi B smiling, laughing, twerking and bending over for the camera,' Page Six wrote.


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    When you cook with it, you might want to blanch it to tone down the bitterness.

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