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i had a myspace going for Looking Glass nostalgia, but it got crazy and i hectically deleted it. By the summer of 1974 the band had faded to the point where they were playing county fairs.I saw them at the Dubuque County Fair in Dubuque Iowa in July of that year.Of course it took a wonderful young man to make it all happen Sandra Willson, Tx My parents used to have this song on one of their LP's (remember those?

My daughter "Brandy" was named after this song in 1996.Still, after a hot summer day in Iowa, it was great to kick back in the cool evening breeze and enjoy these two mellow tunes. I'm a girl that adores the sea and has a locket from my husband who unlike Brandy's man has been around. My mom and daddy always told me that was how I got my name.This song came out the best summer of my life, 1973. Whenever I hear the song Brandy I think of the best summer of my life when I was 12. My Mom always calls me whenever she hears it on the radio.He never used it as any kind of benifet of his own. But it holds a special place for us that remember him.

When I was in high school this was a hit and I said to myself then that when I had a daughter that Brandy would be her name. She is now 28 and my very best friend in this world.

Last time I saw him was in valpo so I have a feeling James knows him also. He wrote the song for his friends to record but the band fell apart before that could happen.


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    Today I found out that for something that’s supposed to be clean and pure, soap has a murky past.

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