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No matter when they found out, the general consensus was surprise the moment people realized the truth.Sasha (a.k.a Natasha) Obama isn't the only person in the public eye who doesn't go by his or her real name.Every day, Facebook users like an average of 4.5 billion posts, share more than 4.7 billion status updates with their friends or followers, and watch over 1 billion videos.

Source: The Next Web Pinterest users pin approximately 3,472 images to the site per minute.Additionally, with more than 27 billion individual messages sent per day – yes, that’s billion, with a b – Whats App appears to have become a serious rival to text messaging, an enormous achievement for a voluntarily installed application.Sources: Mashable, The Next Web In February 2013, Snapchat was hosting 60 million messages per day.Back in 2016, the New York Daily News released an article about Sasha Obama's new job on Martha's Vineyard, where she was doing things like cashiering, bussing table and manning the take-out window at a restaurant.

However, one tiny detail seemed to slip completely under the radar until Ashley C. " Still others were less surprised about the recent ordeal.Source: The Next Web Amazon closed its 2013 fiscal year with .4 billion dollars in net sales, which breaks down to ,361 in sales per second.


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    I can attest to Lan Su’s quiet power – I meant to zip through in 10 minutes and ended up staying for 30.

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    The 56-year-old indie-film director with the enigmatic gaze is currently working on his dream project about Ken Kesey's Merry Pranksters and their Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test.

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