Swimming lessons for adults campbelltown

The US Master’s Swimming organization has certified teachers, including VENT Fitness instructor, Lara Turney, who will administer a step-by-step, methodical process that is called “Adult Learn to Swim”.We’ve had great successes and you can be one of our success stories!The CDC estimates that over 100 MILLION adults in the US could not save themselves if they fell in water that goes over their heads.That means that 1 in 4 people opt to sit on the beach when everyone else is swimming, avoid driving on routes that include bridges, never go on ferries, consider cruises out of the question and often do everything they can to keep water off their faces. AND…If a parent can’t swim, there is only a 13% chance they will enroll their children in swim lessons.


Once students are enrolled, assessments are carried out by the instructor during regular lessons.

Campbelltown City Council's Learn to Swim programs operate on a term basis that follows the NSW Department of Education Public School term dates.

Council’s Learn to Swim program operates 7 days a week and classes are scheduled as a 1/2 hour lesson once a week with an industry qualified instructor.

To be eligible for replacement lessons you must: It is strongly recommended that you attempt to attend your normal weekly lesson wherever possible unless missed classes are due to illness.

Please contact your local swim school to arrange a replacement lesson.

Missed sessions can be made up during the pre-paid month. Requests to change or alter pre-paid sessions should be submitted in writing to the Centre Manager for review and approval.



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