This comparison is based on the results of a semester-long project between graduate students at an American university and their counterparts at a university in Turkey.

The language teachers were asked to pair up with a partner in the collaborating university to test and then evaluate each of these tools via video chat tool evaluation sheets.

For this reason, group video chatting lends itself more towards a presentational, rather than conversational, style of meeting.


Scheduling and productivity can also be improved, because meetings can happen at the click of a button.

Scheduling is often an issue when organizing large group meetings, making this a distinct advantage.

Video chatting also enables regular and clear communication between team members, even if they're not located in the same building -- or even the same country.

This is especially true in a group setting, where observing how other members of the group react to a speaker provides valuable information.

With video chat, you can see how any person reacts to the speaker at any given time, as well as being able to more clearly understand the speaker yourself through visual clues.

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