Who is elana afrika dating

In 2010 she moved from weekend radio to week day radio, entertaining audiences as part of Good Hope FM's afternoon drive team.

She has emceed numerous events from the Dinner for the Most Richest Women in the world, hosted by the Mayor, to celebrity functions.

Her interest in the sport has seen her host the annual Gary Player Invitational and MTN Shoot-outs.

Leigh-Anne Williams comes from a radio background, having worked at Good Hope FM since 2006.

Still in his early twenties, Katlego has achieved more than most could dream of.

This qualified accountant is already a consummate MC, TV presenter and singer with one of SA’s top acapella groups.

He is a new star on SA’s media landscape and is sure to impress in his biggest role to date.


She is also an ambassador for CANSA, the Sunflower Fund and the charity-extension of the Cape Town Carnival.

On the back of nearly two decades of on-camera experience with SABC Sport, SABC1 and SABC3 and countless other live productions like Miss SA, before joining the Expresso family he was one of the anchors of E-TV’s breakfast news show, Sunrise.



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